Topline Express Logistics: Strength ening Cultural Confidence and Constructing International and Domes tic Logistics Channels

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Chinese Culture People Two Sessions Special Issue - Chinese Version

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Topline Express Logistics is based in Shanghai, and gives full play to its network advantages of partners in more than 100 countries to serve domestic and foreign entity enterprises.

Wang Baosheng, Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Cultural People/Photo Reports

While serving its customers, TEL actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, gave back to the society with actual deeds, passed positive energy, and integrated the economic benefits with social benefits.

Zhao Xuefei, chairman of Topline Express Logistics, guided employees on the spot and worked with them together to offer suggestions for customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Zhao Xuefei, chairman of Topline Express Logistics, asked employees to tap their potential at the goods packaging site to reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers.

TEL provided customers with on-site packaging services to realize the seamless connection between packaging and logistics.

TEL breaks through the traditional packaging concept, relates packaging with logistics closely, and helps customers save logistics costs.

The leaders of Shanghai Dahe Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. thanked TEL for providing them with high-quality services for decades.

Under the leadership of its chairman Zhao Xuefei, TEL focuses on the development goals of modern logistics, such as balanced supply and demand, internal and external connectivity, safety, efficiency, smartness and greenness, and strives to build a characteristic service system, making positive contributions to promoting logistics quality improvement, efficiency enhancement and cost reduction, and building a new pattern of modern logistics development.

Along the Huangpu River, skyscrapers rose from the ground, and the lights were shining brightly. The vitality of modern cities and profound historical heritage reflect each other, witnessing the endeavor of TEL for its growth and development.
       Chinese Culture FiguresMarch 15thModern logistics is connected with production at one end, and connected with consumption at the other end. Highly integrated, it covers the service functions such as transportation, warehousing, deconsolidation, distribution and information. It is an important support for extending the industrial chain, upgrading the value chain and building the supply chain, and plays a leading, basic and strategic role in building a modern circulation system, promoting the formation of a strong domestic market, promoting high-quality development and building a modern economic system. Issued by the General Office of the State Council, Modern Logistics Development Plan during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period (2021-2025) has pointed out the direction for accelerating the construction of modern logistics system and promoting high-quality economic development. The plan takes logistics quality improvement, efficiency enhancement and cost reduction as the important task of modern logistics development during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period,  and has clearly put forward that by 2025, the total cost of social logistics and the share of GDP is about 2% lower than that of2020. Topline Express Logistics is an enterprise  that provides one-stop cross-border integrated logistics services for participants in import and export trade. It  takes the initiative to assume the main responsibility in implementing Modern Logistics Development Plan during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period (2021-2025), and actively promotes logistics to improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs, so as to achieve high-quality development.
Focus on service quality and promote the development of the real economy
       China, as the largest logistics market in the world, has really become a major country in logistics. In recent years, the competition in the logistics industry has become increasingly fierce, and the rat race has become worse. Only when logistics enterprises find their own advantages, give full play to the advantages and focus on development, can they survive and develop in the fierce market competition.
       Topline Express Logistics (hereafter referred to as TEL), which is based in Shanghai, and centered on service quality, gives full play to its advantages, highlights its unique features, and has found a way suitable for its own development. Since1994, after nearly 30 years of development, TEL has developed from a general freight forwarding company to a total logistics service provider. In recent years, with the increasing frequency of international trade, TEL has been engaged in the cross-border freight industry, making extensive contacts and close cooperation with internationally renowned shipowners, shipping agents and freight forwarders. It has built a worldwide partner network to provide one-stop services for participants in import and export trade.
       TEL’s Management Team has more than 20 years of experience in cross-border integrated logistics services, and can use its professional knowledge to provide economical, rapid and safe door-to-door services for participants in import and export trade. Door-to-door service means that goods are loaded into containers at the shipper's factory or warehouse, and transported to the consignee's factory or warehouse for unloading by rail, road, waterway, air and other single or combined transport (multimodal transport). In order to improve the service quality of door-to-door transportation, TEL has continuously developed air transport, land transport and multimodal transport on the basis of giving full play to the advantages of shipping by sea, and opened up new transportation modes and routes.
       Packaging is where modern logistics has started, and reasonable packaging design has great impact on logistics cost. TEL breaks through the traditional packaging concept. In addition to ensuring the safety of goods, the rational use of transportation space is also the focus of packaging design, so that packaging and other elements of logistics are closely integrated. At the same time, in-factory packaging services are provided for customers to realize seamless connection between packaging and logistics, which not only brings convenience to customers, but also saves costs and creates more social benefits. A German-funded enterprise in China originally planned to deliver to Serbia 4 sets of production equipment in 2020, but the delivery date was postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19. At that time, it was the peak time for container transportation. Container was hard to find and the freight rate had soared. In order to help the enterprise minimize its logistics costs, TEL has reduced containers from 100 to 85 through careful design. As some equipment can only be shipped through special containers, TEL has done a feasibility study on the destination in advance and actively communicated with Serbian agents to confirm the details. In addition, since the gap between wooden cases and containers is too small, it is difficult for people to get in. Therefore, TEL coordinated the packaging staff to specially leave the sling on the wooden cases after the lifting was completed, which provided convenience for Serbian partners to conduct follow-up work smoothly.
       In December 2022, a Swedish-owned enterprise needed to airlift a batch of steel pipes from Shanghai to Ecuador. Since the length of its packing box was over 6 meters, which brought great difficulty to air transportation, airfreight charge was expensive. At the suggestion of TEL, the customer redesigned the packaging and minimized the length of the packing box to 5.89 meters, which reduced the air freight costs.
       For TEL, packaging is an important part of modern logistics, which is not only synonymous with goods safety, but also the golden key to reduce logistics costs.

More, fast, high-quality and savings to ensure smooth and efficient international freight logistics.
       “Think More and Do More, Fast and Efficient, High Quality and Safety and Savings on Time, Labor and Money” are the basic service criteria of Topline Express Logistics. More means thinking more and doing more for customers; Fast means fast and efficient in replying to the emails, and solving the problems without delay; High-quality means the quality and safety of goods is guaranteed, the making of documents is error-free, and the transmission of information is fast and accurate; Savings means doing a good job in optimizing solutions, saving time, labor and money.
       Under the guidance of service concept of “more, fast, high-quality and savings”, TEL actively provides solutions for participants in import and export trade, helps reduce logistics costs, and makes contributions to ensuring smooth and efficient international freight logistics, energy conservation and emission reduction. In March, 2021, an automobile manufacturer in Guangzhou purchased laser cutting equipment from Germany. When the goods was inspected by German customs, one of the containers failed to get on board on time. Judging by rich experience, TEL knew that if the goods did not arrive in Guangzhou Port on the same ship, the enterprise would not be able to enjoy the reduction and exemption of import duties, and there might also be clearance delays. Thus, TEL actively coordinated all parties to ensure the smooth boarding and customs clearance, which not only saved logistics time, but also helped the enterprise to enjoy tax exemptions.
       The logistics of super-large and super-heavy equipment can best reflect a team's abilities of quick response, comprehensive coordination and emergency treatment. In October 2022, TEL was entrusted by an enterprise to transport a liquefied gas tank with length of 27.32 meters, width of 5.55meters, height of 5.1 meters, and weight of 114 tons from the factory in Jiangsu to the Caribbean. On the evening of October 31, TEL learned that a shipping company had extra space and could berth in the Caribbean, but the ship was about to leave the Port of Shanghai on November 4. If it missed this ship, it would have to wait another month or two. In order to make the goods arrive at the Port of Shanghai before sailing, TEL raced against time, informed customers of packaging while arranging transport vehicles, cranes, barges and loading terminals, and fulfilled all formalities in time. Just within 72 hours, this giant was transported from the factory in Jiangsu to the Port of Shanghai, and shipped out of the port smoothly.

Joint response to challenges and guaranteeing the route of freight logistics unblocked during the pandemic
       On April 10, 2022, the State Council issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in Guaranteeing the Smoothness of Freight Logistics in response to the Joint Anti-pandemic Prevention and Control Mechanism, requiring full efforts to ensure the smoothness of freight logistics. TEL took the initiative to assume the main responsibility, quickly took measures, united in a concerted effort, weathered the storms and fought the pandemic together. Especially in 2022 during the lockdown in Shanghai, it played an active role in winning the staged victory of resisting the pandemic and ensuring production and supply.
       TEL is located in the bustling business district of Shanghai. Most of its employees come from all directions of the city and commuted for a long distance. The longest daily round trip exceeded 4 hours. For this reason, the company made arrangements ahead of schedule and allowed home office very early, so that employees can work from home.
       During the lockdown in Shanghai, an export company dedicated to providing aircraft parts for Airbus and Boeing got in trouble. They sought help from TEL through Shanghai Enterprise Confederation, hoping to solve problems in domestic transportation. At that time, the transportation capacity was very tight, but if they could not find a transport vehicle, they would not only fail to deliver the goods on time, but also pay the penalty of a huge sum. TEL gives all-wave consideration to customer. After careful arrangements and proper scheduling, it quickly solved the transportation capacity problem, and exported the goods by air on time, helping the customer complete the delivery tasks on schedule.
       In 2023, with the adjustment of pandemic policy, the cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and foreign enterprises became increasingly frequent. TEL made advance planning and first sent employees abroad to carry out a series of business visits and negotiation activities, making sufficient preparations for the rapid economic recovery and the rapid growth of import and export trade.
       Practice makes perfect, phoenix nirvana. After the test of the COVID-19, TEL is more resilient, has more potential for development, and will have a brighter future.
(Editor in charge: Zhang Yan, Liu Sheng)