The Global Live Streaming of 2023 Spring Festival Gala for All Overseas Chinese in Japan to be Held on January 15th in Tokyo


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    The Global Live Streaming of 2023 Spring Festival Gala for All Overseas Chinese in Japan to be Held on January 15th in Tokyo

    2023-01-15 17:30

    Full video replay of the Spring Gala in 2023

    The 2023 All-Japan Overseas Chinese New Year Gala Global Live-streaming attracted attention and recognition of overseas Chinese and friends from more than 100 countries and regions in the world, including China, Japan, the United States, Cuba, Canada, Malaysia, Britain, Singapore, France, Sudan, Germany, India, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland, Lebanon, Egypt, South Africa, Mongolia, Brazil, Russia, etc. The show is expected to receive tens of millions of views in total.

    This year's Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast live worldwide
    15 January 2023  17:30 pm

      (Chinese Culture FiguresJanuary 15th, Reporter: Ma Jiangping, Zhang Dongli) Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival for the Chinese nation. It is a day of reunion for Chinese people, is loaded with the nostalgia of overseas Chinese, and deepens the mutual understanding and friendship of people all over the world. The annual “Spring Festival Gala for All Overseas Chinese in Japan” not only  carries memories of more than 10,000 overseas Chinese in Japan for their hometown and motherland, but also is a window for Japanese people to know more about Chinese culture and feel connected with Chinese people.
           On January 15, 2023, “2023 Spring Festival Gala for All Overseas Chinese in Japan”, sponsored by All-Japan Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations, co-organized by Union of Overseas Chinese in Japan, Tokyo Association of Chinese Residents and Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan, organized by CICAC and Chinese Culture Figures Magazine, and supported by Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan and China Cultural Center, will be grandly held at the Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa in Tokyo, Japan.
           Leaders and guests such as Kong Xuanyou, Chinese Ambassador to Japan, Fukuda Yasuo, former Prime Minister of Japan, He Naihe, President of All-Japan Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations, Wang Jiaxun, President of China Enterprises Association in Japan, Chen Longjin, President of Tokyo Association of Chinese Residents, and Xiao Jingru, President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Japan will attend the Spring Festival Gala.
           Upon the upcoming Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit, Ambassador Kong Xuanyou, former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, President He Naihe, President Wang Jiaxun, President Chen Longjin and President Xiao Jingru will extend their best wishes for a happy new year to overseas Chinese in Japan and other countries, and congratulate everyone on the happy and prosperous year of the rabbit in 2023.
           By then, Chinese Cultural Figures and Chinese Culture People will exclusively put the grand occasion of this Spring Festival Gala on the air to overseas Chinese all over the world in real time.

           There are a total of 30 wonderful programs in this Spring Festival Gala, namely:
            1. Orchestral performance of "Spring Festival Overture" and "On the Field of Hope” by Tokyo Multiple Orchestra
            2. New drum music “Dragons Rising and Tigers Leaping” by Kobayashi Yutaka Wadaiko Performance Group
            3. Northeast Yangko Dance “Celebrate the New Year with Joy” by Chinese Dancers Association in Japan
            4. The quartet “The only flower in the world” and “Congratulations” by Chinese and Japanese Beauty Star Music Band
            5. The famous Peking Opera “Journey to the West” by Peking Opera performing artists Liu Yan and Liu Dongfeng
            6. The featured Nihon Buyo “Rea and White Lion Dance” performed by Japanese dancers Takafuji Ukon and Takafuji Sakon
            7.  Chinese classical dance "Dark Green” performed by Huashi Art Troupe
            8. “I Would Like to be a Swallow-My Flight”, and “Be Happy” performed by the famous erhu player Chen Min and Erhu Performance Group
            9. Pipa concerto "Imagination of Baidi City” by Tu Shanxiang, Kato Kihara, and Tatsumi Yano
            10. "Ink Dance Charm-Chinese Dream" performed by dancers Zhang Yi and Tatsuya Kukisawa
            11. Bel canto quartet “My People, My Country”, and “Song of the Yangtze River” by Tian Dacheng, Cheng Yincong, Meng Fanjie and Chenglin Manqi
            12. Group Dance “Jasmine Blossom” by Huafeng Friends Art Troupe
            13. Children’s dance “Congratulations” by Tokyo Homology Chinese School
            14. Tibetan dance “Flying Wild Goose” by Overseas Chinese Federation in
            15. Solo dance “Two for the Road” by Miss Japan Beauty  champion and dancer Zhao Yue
            16. Group Dance “Strong Winds Blow” by Overseas Chinese Federation in Central Japan
            17. Dance “The Sound of Chu Drums” by Tokyo Chinese Dance School
            18. Cheongsam show “Ink Lanting” performed by NP0 Japanese Cheongsam of Japanese Association
            19. Classic soprano solo “My Elder Villagers” by Zhang Yifei
            20. Group Dance “Spring March” by Huangyi Art Troupe
            21. The dance “Yes or Yes” by Sinomenium Acutum Female Dance Group
            22. North Korean song and dance “Acacia Flowers” jointly performed by Tokyo Arirang Dance Troupe and Xuan Xinghai-Korean Ethnic Art Troupe in Tokyo
            23. ”Fireworks” and “New wave” sung by EPITHYMLA
            24. Excerpt “Going Home in Couples” of classical Huangmei opera “Fairy Couple” by famous young actors Wang Wenqiang and Wu Xing
            25. Latin dance “Latino” by Yingying International Dance Art Association
            26. Solo “Velver Flowers” by the soprano singer Xu Ping from Shaanxi Natives Association
            27. Dance “Jasmine Flower” by Shaanxi Natives Association
            28. Male and female chorus "Sleepless Tonight” by Peony Choir
            29. Chinese dance “Dunhuang Colored Silk” by Chinese and Western Dance Culture and Art Society
            30. Chorus “Ode to the Motherland” led by the beautiful girl Wu Ruixi
           This Spring Festival Gala will be hosted by the famous hostess Qi Yue. Cheng Bo, general director of this Spring Festival Gala and the famous tenor, Zhang Yi, deputy director of this Spring Festival Gala and famous dancer, Chen Min, the famous erhu player, Tu Shanxiang, the famous pipa player, Li Bo, the internationally renowned matouqin player, Tian Dacheng, the tenor singer, Liu Yan, the Peking Opera performing artist, Tatsuya Kukisawa, the international standard dancer, Liu Ying and Shio Goto, international standard dancers, Zhao Yue, Miss Japan Beauty champion and dancer, and other famous Chinese and Japanese artists in cultural and art circles will perform in the Spring Festival Gala.
           Elegant Chinese music performance, professional first-class bel canto singing, graceful and fresh Chinese and Japanese dancing, interpretation of Peking Opera, the national treasure of China and a world intangible cultural heritage, as well as the perfect combination of Chinese and Japanese musical groups... let the first-class artists from China and Japan who are active in Japan step onto the stage of Spring Festival Gala, so that this Spring Festival Gala becomes a gathering of famous masters and brings more wonderful programs which are novel in forms and rich in contents, making the stage filled with strong atmosphere of the upcoming New Year.
           Finally, let’s look forward to the success of this art event of 2023 Spring Festival Gala for All Overseas Chinese in Japan!
    (Editor in charge: Zhang Yan, Liu Sheng)
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